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Triple Glory can provide some tool's  parts, consumables and circuit board.

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No. Tool Type Tool Maker Tool Model Part Number Description Condition Remark
3029 APC Controller CKD VEC-CA8-X0301 VEC-CA8-X0301 Used*2
3031 APC Controller Fuji Electric M-DPH010J11W-UL(CE) /100V Input: AC100V Output: 1kVA, AC100V (TEL Alpha-303i) Used
3032 APC Controller Oriental Motor SG8030D SG8030D(含座) Used*8
3033 APC CONTROLLER Nemic Lambda HK100A-24/A Used*1
3034 Controller Nemic Lambda HK10A-24/A Used*1
3035 Controller Nemic Lambda HK50A-15/A Used*2
3036 Controller Nemic Lambda HK150A-24/A in:100~120V 3.2A out:24V 6.5A Used*3
3037 Digital director controller Nemic Lambda MS-11-5 110~165V 150W Used*1
3038 Digital director controller Nemic Lambda ED-5-1515 110~175V 145W Used*1
3039 Digital director controller IDEC PS5R-SD24 PS5R-SD24 60W Output New*1
3040 Digital director controller Cosel PAA100F-15-N PAA100F-15-N DC 15V, 7A(TEL Alpha-303i) Used
3041 Instruments Cosel PAA75F-12-N PAA75F-12-N DC 12V, 6.3A(TEL Alpha-303i) Used
3042 Matching Controller Baron System SHF-213 SHF-213 Include RS232 Com Port / VGA Port (TEL Alpha-303i) Used
3043 Matching Controller Denki Kogyo ST-1E ST-1E From ASM-Eagle 10 Used
3044 Matching Network Adtec AM-1000S-ASM AM-1000S-ASM From ASM-Eagle 10 Used
3045 Network System Denki Kogyo STC-1E STC-1E From ASM-Eagle 10 Used
3046 PC Board of Controller J.C. Schumacher TCU-100 TLC TCU-100 TLC Model 100 Source Temp Control System New
3047 PLC Progressive Sentry 1510 Sentry 1510 New*1 Used*1
3048 PLC MKS 252C-1-VPO 252C-1-VPO From ASM-Eagle 10 Used
3049 PLC NEC FC-9801K FC-9801K 32BIT CPU UNIT, AC100V /110V Used
3050 PLC Mitsubishi FR-A024-3.7K FR-A024-3.7K Used
3051 PLC Mitsubishi AY42 AY42 PLC Module ,12/24V Used
3052 PLC Mitsubishi AX42 AX42 PLC Output Module  , 12/24V Used
3053 PLC Mitsubishi A3ACPU-R21 A3ACPU-R21 PLC Controller Used
3054 PLC Mitsubishi A61P A61P PLC Controller Power Supply Used
3055 PLC Mitsubishi AH42 AH42 PLC Module ,12/24V USED
3056 PLC Mitsubishi AJ71UC24 AJ71UC24 PLC Module ,12/24V USED
3057 PLC Mitsubishi A616DAV A616DAV PLC Module ,12/24V USED
3058 Power Supply Mitsubishi A616AD A616AD PLC Module ,12/24V USED